The earliest reference to Hendre House is in 1512 in B.G. Clarke’s Place Names in Pembrokeshire. The earliest named tenant was Evan Harry in 1613 when the Hendre Estate was owned by the Laugharne family of Llanunwas. During the 18th century the house was bought by Henry John of Caerwen, a land agent and farmer. It continued in his family’s ownership until inherited, through marriage, by Robert Henry Mackell Yeats of Lancaster. His son Thomas married Isola Humfray, daughter of the Governor of the Andaman Islands. In 1865 the house and land were acquired at auction by the Reverend William Reynolds for £4,600. He was responsible for the Victorian addition to the main house in 1881. The holiday let cottages have been converted from some of the outbuildings including the dairy, the coach-house (together comprising Herne and Winterton cottages) and the old chapel. The cottages probably date from the 18th century.